[Video] Can a tuned BMW F90 M5 win against E63 AMG S?

Prior to turbocharged and even supercharged engines, drag racing was only for a select few types of vehicles. Today, a few days of tweaking beneath the hood may turn even the world’s quickest vehicles into real land rockets. We’re talking about Sedans like the BMW F90 M5 and Mercedes-AMG E63 S.

If you wish them to, these two can transform into real monsters. Below is a video showcasing what the presenter claims to be the world’s quickest M5 and E63 AMG versions. Such a big claim is difficult to validate or reject. True, no one can tell for sure which automobile is the world’s fastest. But this video just proves the otherworldly specifications and speeds results of the cars.

Because the video is in Russian, some sources had to rely on Google’s auto-translation tool to estimate the BMW M5’s current power output. The result? It’s generating around 1,000 HP. This was after a Stage 4 tune-up by Ramon Performance, a tuner company. That means the intake, turbos, exhaust, engine block, and nearly everything else have all been updated to the highest standards possible. It was so much that they had to add reinforcements in the engine compartment to handle it.

The E63, on the other hand, is far from stock. Not as much effort had been put towards tuning the AMG, though. The E63, on the other hand, utilises meth to keep things cool and has a power output between 920 and 930 HP. The question is, would that be enough? 70 insignificant horses won’t make a difference at these levels, or will they?

Check out the video and you’ll find that the BMW F90 M5 consistently outperforms the AMG. Even if Mercedes-Benz has a head start, the BMW still manages to catch up and outperform it, demonstrating its superiority.

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