[VIDEO] BMW M3 Touring In Frozen Black: A Walk-Around Video

BMW unveiled the much-awaited M3 Touring earlier this week. Watch a walk-around video of the BMW M3 Touring in Frozen Black. But this time, without the extra aggressiveness of M Performance parts.

The M3 Touring at the Goodwood Festival of Speed exhibits an array of M Performance Parts. Add these to the Frozen Black and the Touring looks more powerful than ever.

It has multiple carbon fiber components and vibrantly painted wheels. Thus, it’s understandable why some think the FoS display car is excessively showy. Featured here is the best specification for a more tamed M3 Touring. It does away with the M Performance Parts. And it adopts a simpler appearance compared to the Goodwood car.

Observant enthusiasts will notice that this model is also missing the classic Motorsport symbol. BMW is providing that for all M Sport and M cars till the end of the year. Thus, it is obvious that this emblem is missing here.

Inside the cabin sits the optional M Carbon bucket seats for the driver and front passenger. This shows the continuation of the car’s monochrome theme. At least in Germany, those who prefer other colors can choose between 16 exterior colors. They can also choose up to 16 themes for the interior.

It took BMW M to develop the M3 Touring. Thus, additional components mean pricier costs for owners. Indeed, G81 is a versatile vehicle that offers good value. It is also a reasonable alternative for the X3 M Competition.

The M3 Touring debuts at the same time as the 3 Series LCI. But its lifetime will not be limited. Also, BMW will reportedly extend production of the seventh-gen model. This will come with derivatives like the 4 series until 2027. Meanwhile, an EV will arrive in 2025 on the Neue Klasse platform.

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