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The Everyday Practicalities of the BMW X7

BMW fans have always loved simple, compact cars that are fun to drive. The BMW X7, on the other hand is heavy, oversized and less luxurious. But it works so well as it is logical, practical and comfortable. When it comes to size, comfort and quality, most high-end vehicles can not even compete. But the X7 does things a little differently.

Inside, it has its own sunroof, climate zone, heated seats, cup holders and USB-C chargers. Seat buttons in the boot are also available. Another brilliant feature BMW has added to the power-folding rear seats is the dedicated buttons that allow all seats to be fully folded, to maximise passenger capacity. As the rear door openings are large and the hooks are easily accessible from LATCH, fitting a child seat is also a breeze. Thanks to the high rear seat, the driver can easily see the children on board in his own rearview mirror. Everything from small gestures to large ones makes everyday life a little more bearable.

Furthermore, the seats smooth out bumps but never lean against the road. BMW has packed a lot of the typical BMW ride quality into a large SUV without making it feel stiff. The BMW’s interior is too similar and lacks the visual flair of its rivals. But the X7’s interior works well and luxury is practical. The interior is not as flashy as that of a 7 Series, but many car owners like it. Children kick the seats, dirty footballs are thrown into the rear, prams crash onto the boot floor and drinks are frequently spilled.

There is plenty of storage space, multiple cargo compartments and even optional captain’s seats in the second row. Although the X7 is not a sporty SUV, it handles well. The X7’s steering is surprisingly crisp, its front end is sharper than necessary and its body control is remarkable for a large, heavy SUV. It will not sweep you along a country road, but it feels tight and controlled, which is unusual for a large SUV. 

But the BMW X7 is so much more. It’s bigger, more practical and has room for more people. Sure, the 7 Series has nicer leather, but anyone who claims to be able to spot significant differences between the 7 Series and the X7 is lying. The X7 is actually more luxurious and offers more car for the same price. That makes the X7 a bargain.

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