BMW M3 CS ready for 2023 launching, Manual Not Avail

BMW now has an upcoming CSL nameplate and car enthusiasts can’t help but giggle in excitement. This is why BMW M4 SL created some ruckus upon its launching. Another more hardcore sports car model is coming, but quite lesser extreme but is affordable as compared to the M4 CSL. This is none other than the BMW M3 CS.

Fans talk more about the M3 CS more than the M4 CSL, but the latter seems to be more exciting. For beginners, it will be an M3, which means it will have four doors, at least four seats (rear bucket seats, like the M5 CS), and increased usability. Second, it will most likely be less expensive than the CSL, which will be a high-priced computer. (We don’t know if an M3 CSL will be produced, but we haven’t heard of one yet.)

You cannot question M3’s comfortability even though it is not as sharp and as dynamic as its M4 CSL counterpart. The M3 CS will be more comfortable than the M3 Competition if the M2 CS and M5 CS are any indications.

Here are a few things that we know about BMW M3 CS — it is ready for production by July 2023 and will run only until February 2024. This gives us a very short period of time and numbers; that is why fans need to get it while still there. The BMW M3 CS will come standard with the M3 Competition’s optional carbon fibre bucket seats.

A new distinctive BMW M headlight design will be available for the M3 CS, which is another intriguing feature. We’re not sure what that means yet, although it’s rumoured to be getting a special M headlamp.

However, the next BMW M3 CS will not be available with a manual transmission. This isn’t exactly surprising given the status of performance automobiles at the moment. Many fans were hoping for a three-pedal box in more extreme BMW alternatives. However, it’s not the same thing here.

The F80 M3 CS, F82 M4 CS, M2 CS, and M5 CS are just a handful of the M Division’s CS models recently. If those cars are any indication, the BMW M3 CS might be one of BMW’s best-ever driver’s cars.

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