[Video] BMW M3 and M4’s Drivetrain

BMW M is giving us more excitement as we anticipate the release of BMW M3 and M4. In this video, it shows us the distinctive features of its engine and transmission – the BMW M3 and M4’s drivetrain. It also tackles on the specs of the cars, presenting us the technical information we should know about them. Check out the video below.

The fundamental features of both the BMW M3 and M4’s drivetrain are its eight-speed automatic gearbox and a straight-six 3.0-litre turbocharged engine called S58. The M division re-tunes its eight-speed to gear it up in just 150 milliseconds. In a standard approach, its engine can make it either 473 or 503 horsepower accordingly. Just these facts alone, we can say that BMW M3 and M4 will be a success.

There are certain functions of its eight-speed auto to aid its performance. Example of this is when you take a long pull of its downshift paddle, the transmission will drop down to its lowest gear possible. The transmission then delivers a maximum acceleration in overtaking maneuvers. In this kind of performance, you can be like a proper BMW driver when overtaking any advanced car on the road. 

The upcoming M3 receives criticisms, particularly its physical features and weight, even before its release. But overall, BMW M3 and M4’s drivetrain has the S58 engine that makes it the fastest car BMW has released so far. It will be a stand out once BMW releases these new models. 

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