[Video] Speed Test: BMW M5 CS VS M 1000 RR

The BMW M5 CS is among the world’s best, but can it keep up with a performance motorcycle? Carwow compared the super saloon to the M 1000 RR, the first M product from the Motorrad division. In a nutshell, the video does a great job of reiterating the importance of a high power-to-weight ratio above merely looking at raw horsepower ratings.

Although the rider has access to “merely” 212 hp, the water-cooled inline-four engine in the bike only has to move 192 kilos. Compared to the Competition model, the limited-edition M5 CS special edition sheds 70 kilogrammes (kg) but still clocks in at a hefty 1,825 kg. However, the spacious family sedan’s straight-line acceleration rivals a supercar thanks to an upgraded twin-turbo V8 engine producing 635 hp.

The M5 CS was no match for the Corvette Z06 in the drag race, but its time of 11 seconds in the quarter mile is incredible, given the size and weight of this four-door luxury sedan. With a time of 10.3 seconds, the M 1000 RR finished first. The high-performance motorcycle finished half a mile faster than the car in the subsequent rolling races from 50 mph.

Ultimately, the four-wheeled BMW first triumphed in one race by stopping at 100 miles per hour. Compared to a car, especially one with carbon ceramic brakes and broad tyres, stopping suddenly when riding a bike is more of a challenge. While the M5 F90 has reached its final chapter with the CS, the M 1000 RR has just received an update for 2023. Aerodynamic improvements have resulted in a marginal increase in top speed for BMW Motorrad’s showpiece motorcycle and increased downforce for heightened stability.

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