[VIDEO] BMW M5 Challenges RS6 & AMG E63 in Power Duel

V8 engines won’t last much longer due to tougher emissions standards. Auto enthusiasts are taking advantage of them while they still can, with some choosing to have their high-performance cars tuned for more power. The eight-cylinder engines in this German luxury trio have all been tweaked to add greater punch, even though they may appear stock from the outside.

Carwow staged a drag race: BMW M5 vs. Audi RS6 Avant vs. Mercedes-AMG E63. Only the Audi is still in production. The others await the next generations. The AMG leads with 810 horsepower, while the others pack 750.

All three cars boast a hefty 1,000 Nm of torque. The M5, weighing 1,865 kg, is over 200 kg lighter than the AMG and Audi. Each uses an automatic transmission, powering both axles.

The pre-LCI M5 consistently beat the RS6 and AMG E63 in the drag races. From 50 mph, the BMW faced a challenge but still finished first. Given its weight advantage, the M5’s victories were expected.

As brands pivot to electrification, future models will differ significantly. BMW confirms the next M5 (G90) as a hybrid V8. Likely, the RS6 and E63 will also go electric. These cars will boast more base power.

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