[VIDEO] A Ride on the new BMW M4 with Bill Auberlen

BMW Blog had the chance to ride along with the BMW pro driver Bill Auberlen for a test drive of the all-new BMW M4 in Palm Beach, Florida. Bill Auberlen is behind the wheel as he shares his insights about the new BMW M4. Check out this new video from BMWBlog with Bill Auberlen on a test drive with the new BMW M4.

In this video, Bill is driving a BMW M4 in its standard spec. It’s a rear-wheel-drive manual M4, which is the proper setup for an M car. It showcases a bright Yas Marina Blue interior with yellow accents, a unique combination that BMW has offered.

Bill describes how the car feels on the road and compares it to the race cars he drives regularly. Still, it is interesting to hear from a pro driver what he has to say about the M4. It is common for Auberlen to drive actual race cars, yet, likes the steering and seems impressed with the ride. He states that the 2021 BMW M4 rides better than his daily M8 Competition, which is quite interesting. Moreover, Bill has a positive overall impression of the M4’s road performance.

BMW Blog will have a better test drive soon with the M3 and M4. For now, Auberlen’s perception of the M4 is good enough and is quite fascinating. Racing drivers give a better view and impression of the car. They usually look at a car differently than a journalist does. Journos want cars to have character, the fizz and feel because they are not into it daily. However, racing drivers wanted to see what a car can do. They look at it from its steering accuracy, the response inputs, the design, especially the performance. Reviews from a racing driver and a journalist could be from different views on the exact car. 

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