Nothing beats 2021 BMW M4 xDrive’s 60 mph in 3.07s record

The G82 Coupe achieved 60 mph for 3.07 seconds! A Scottish M4 xDrive owner tested the car speed by having one passenger on board. He also confirmed the 3.07 seconds speed. With only 25% gasoline to fuel the car, it showed an incredible performance running on Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. Everyone in the US was waiting to drive either M3s or M4s, while clients from the EU started enjoying the car models a month ago. That’s why Scotland made some tests already.


Just like in the M5, the BMW xDrive systems function exactly in the M3 and M4 models. Major features that are present in the mentioned car models are the 4WD, 4WD Sport, and 2WD. When it is set to default 4WD mode, the rear wheels receive all of the engine’s potential torque in normal driving situations. The xDrive system is more flexible with its front axle power supply in the basic 4WD mode. However, the front wheels receive any of the car’s torque when there is additional grip. Even then, there is power in a rear-biased manner. 

On the other hand, when shifting to 4WD Sport mode, the front axle leads to becoming a rear axle aid. It is deploying the front axle and keeping the car from being uncontrollable since, in this mode, the xDrive system is more active which makes the car slide. The driver needs to turn off the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) to be able to switch to the 2WD mode. It is in trying the 2WD mode that the front axle is disengaged. Further, 2WD is best only for track driving. That is also why it is important that the driver goes back to either 4WD or 4WD Sport mode.

While M3 and M4 models have been available in the market, only the BMW M3 Competition and M4 Competition will be present with xDrive. This only means that the latter will be the fastest versions of both M3 and M4 respectively. The two actually have showcased running up to 60 mph within 3.4 seconds only.

With BMW M3 and M4 Competition xDrive costing $76,900 and $78,800 respectively, both of them will be available in the US market this month. Buyers will have to pay an additional $995 fee incurred for every car ordered.

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