2025 BMW M4 Competition: xDrive Hits 523 HP with 20 HP Boost

In March, rumours emerged about a potential power upgrade for the 2024 M4 LCI. Sources suggested that BMW’s team might enhance the inline-six engine of the high-performance coupe’s xDrive version. Three internal documents surfaced on the Bimmer Post forums, supporting the speculation. These sources reveal that the 3.0-litre twin-turbo engine is set for a horsepower increase.

The “S58” engine is set to deliver 523 horsepower, equivalent to 390 kilowatts. This marks a 20 horsepower increase over the existing M4 Competition models. Recent documents reveal plans for left- and right-hand drive vehicles in Europe. There’s also a left-hand drive version for the US market. All these models are set to feature the enhanced 390 kW output.

You’re probably thinking by now if the extra power will help the rear-wheel drive M4 Competition. According to the forum user who uploaded the documents, that doesn’t seem to be the case. As a result, the 503 horsepower M4 Competition RWD will continue to function. Similarly, 473 horsepower is anticipated to be the output of the standard M4. Naturally, dyno testing has revealed that BMW deliberately underrates its engines. This is despite the spec sheets stating lower power figures than the engines actually produce.

The source indicates that production for the European and US markets is set to begin in March 2024. This timing points to a global release in the early part of the following year. With the M4 already moving into the 2024 model year in the US, the LCI will likely be marketed as a 2025 model year vehicle.

According to the first report earlier this year, the M3 Competition xDrive (G80) will also receive additional power, much as the two-door model. According to spy photos, BMW is reportedly preparing an early LCI for the M3 Touring (G81). Since the super wagon is only offered as a Competition variant with AWD, it stands to reason that the rival AMG C63 Estate will also likely gain more power.

It seems BMW M might also tune the six-cylinder engine in the M4 Convertible Competition xDrive. This is akin to the long-roof M3, aligning all variants with the anticipated power output. Despite the M4 CSL and M3 CS already exceeding the 523 hp mark by 20 hp, the forthcoming M4 CS, expected next year, is slated for 543 hp. Interestingly, BMW boosted the 3.0 CSL’s already remarkable 553 hp by an additional 10 hp. However, incorporating a six-speed manual transmission resulted in a significant torque reduction, limiting the engine to 550 Nm (404 lb-ft) rather than its maximum 650 Nm (479 lb-ft).

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