[Video] The Straight Pipes reviews the Manual BMW M3

Since the new BMW M3 was introduced, the entire BMW world has been focusing on it. It’s only logical that it gets more attention because the new G80 models come in two variants. One is allegedly quicker, and the other has more power. As a result, a manual gearbox is available in some markets due to BMW’s involvement in the enthusiast’s community. 

Some enthusiasts were delighted when they tested the manual BMW M3. The same thing happened to the guys of The Straight Pipes, wherein they’ve tried the new M3 with a Launch Control system. This new manual BMW M3 has a Launch Control to assist you in getting the most out of your vehicle. Making it more aggressive, the base model sends its power solely to the rear axle, unlike the Competition variant that eventually includes an all-wheel drive. 

They also mention that you can switch off the automatic rev-matching without turning off the DSC through the infotainment screen. With a single press of a button, you can also incorporate that setting in the pre-programmed M1 and M2 controls on the steering wheel. This will allow you to disable the gear shift assistant easily. 

Equipped with a manual shifter, the M3’s gearbox is referred to as “rubbery”. It is a term applied to some BMW M models. As a result, it should have tighter gates and be more precise, according to some enthusiasts. If you’re planning to buy the manual BMW M3, this video will help you as it contains a lot more information about how it works.

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