Luxury Packed: BMW M3 Touring in Riviera Blue

The BMW M3 Touring is inherently desirable, even in its base form. Its all-in-one appeal doesn’t require extensive options. With a high base price, adding extras results in a remarkably expensive long-roof M3.

The most eye-catching upgrade is the centrally mounted stacked exhaust tips, originally introduced for the M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe. These enhancements give the M3 Touring a unique and striking appearance, setting it apart from the crowd.

Carbon fibre enthusiasts will be delighted by this M3 Touring, which boasts carbon fibre components, including front canards. The car proudly displays the 2022 anniversary badges from BMW, celebrating 50 years of its M division. Special additions also include 1000 M forged wheels with a Jet Black finish, a colour-coordinated cargo box, the M Driver’s Package, and the M Shadowline treatment to add a touch of darkness to select areas of the car.

However, this level of luxury and performance doesn’t come cheap. This extravagant build is missing a few optional features, leaving room for an even more expensive M3 Touring if a CS special edition gets the green light for production.

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