Exploring the Carbon Roof Absence on M3 G81 Touring

The M3 G81 Touring, BMW’s latest blend of luxury and performance, raises eyebrows due to one key omission: the renowned carbon fiber roof, found on its sedan counterpart. Enthusiasts were eagerly anticipating the perfect fusion of luxury and performance, mirroring its G80 sedan counterpart.

In 2022, BMW’s M division revealed that retooling the Munich plant for the lightweight carbon roof was deemed impractical, as the high-performance Touring model was initially projected as niche. However, production later surged due to unexpected demand.

R44 Performance, a US-based aftermarket specialist, embarked on an ambitious project despite the unavailability of the M3 G81 Touring in the US. Their modified model, headed for SEMA, flaunts a khaki green wrap, an aggressive body kit, and distinctive yellow daytime running lights. The highlight? A custom carbon fiber roof.

R44 Performance collaborated with Alpha N and IND Distribution to source and install a glossy carbon panel, meticulously designed with lines mirroring the M3 G80 sedan. For the M3 CS Touring, the integration of a factory carbon roof remains a tantalizing possibility.

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