2022 BMW M3 Touring – An Incredible Render

The sensation of the brand-new BMW M3 and M4 seems to have overwhelmed the fact that an M3 Touring is coming. This point alone is why they should make the current M3 grille more straightforward when fans have asked BMW for a wagon version for their beloved sports car for decades. The 2022 BMW M3 Touring will become a fan favourite at the moment of its debut. 

Who wouldn’t fancy the 2022 BMW M3 Touring anyway?  With its straight-six twin-turbo engine, all-wheel drive, and a convenient 5-door wagon body, it’s going to be an M3 wagon that produces a wealthy 503 horsepower. The rear wheel’s arches extend fiercely, and it seems incredible in this rendering when viewed from a top-down view.

This latest render reveals a BMW M3 Competition Touring with breathtaking red paint colour and new Competition-spec wheels. The car is so incredible even its grille can’t downgrade its overall appearance. There are no actual pictures yet of the BMW M3 Touring, and just a sneak peek on a video from M Town. However, if BMW will officially release it to the public, it will surely be a sophisticated wagon version of the BMW M3.

The wagon version of the M3 is an excellent means for enthusiasts who like to drive with their families on board. It will be a wild dilemma for BMW as to why they didn’t make this car sooner. BMW M3 Touring will surely win over many BMW fans, even other car enthusiasts, when it arrives.

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