BMW G87 M2 vs F87 M2 CS: The Black Sapphire Duel

Black Sapphire complements the BMW M2’s design beautifully. This iconic BMW colour has been around for a decade. @Withoutlimitsmedia’s recent photos showcase the M2 and M2 CS in this deep black.

Only 2,200 M2 CS F87 models exist, marking its rarity. Its potent S55 engine boasts 444 horsepower, setting tracks alight. Its aggressive design and unique trim make it stand out among M2 variants. The M2 CS stays true to its sporty roots, offering only in RWD, valuing performance over luxury. Its sleek design lines exude confidence, looking sporty from every view. It ranks among BMW’s most stunning Fxx generation cars.

The M2 G87’s larger dimensions naturally turn heads. Though 214 mm shorter than the M4, it has an equal wheel track, giving it a broad, compact stance. Its headlights, reminiscent of the classic BMW 2002, stand out. The grille is unique, beautiful, and smart, and its front air intakes are bold yet lavish. While its square shape might be an acquired taste, in Black Sapphire, it dazzles. The design exudes aggression and road dominance.

The powerful S58 engine delivers 453 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque, promising exhilarating rides on and off tracks. Like the F87 M2 CS, there’s an option for a six-speed manual, a purist’s dream.

The M2 G87 upholds its driver-focused legacy, blending more modern comforts and tech than before. BMW strikes a balance between tech advancements and pure driving joy. As the sole M2 version available, the G87 enjoys broader appeal than its limited-edition counterpart.

Choosing between the BMW M2 CS F87 and the M2 G87 is tough. The M2 CS offers exclusivity and pure driving passion. Meanwhile, the M2 G87 showcases the latest M tech, an exhilarating equal track. It all boils down to personal choice.

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