[VIDEO] BMW M3 Touring Takes The Goodwood Hill

First-ever BMW M3 Touring takes the Goodwood Hill for its debut. This is part of BMW M’s 50th-anniversary celebration at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

BMW M showcased several of its bests in West Sussex, including the M3 Touring. The Duke of Richmond drove the M3 Touring up Goodwood Hill. Together with the Duke is BMW M’s current boss, Frank Van Meel. Although it seems like a usual British day, this marks the BMW M3 Touring’s dynamic debut.

Admittedly, the G81 in this video does not sound that great. A few reasons include the fact that this model complies with the EU regulations. In other words, it has a gasoline particulate filter (GPF). Also, this is a rather old prototype that might have lacked final tuning. There is also a chance that the weak sound is due to the microphone used in the video.

Nevertheless, this is the first time fans see the M3 Touring in action. The model in the video wears the “Chalk” color that looks like the shade of Porshe’s 911. BMW also offers a two-tone look and various spoke designs for its wheels. All have the same size of 19-inch front and 20-inch rear.

Speaking of customization, the BMW M3 Touring’s visualizer is already available for use. It allows you to curate your dream BMW wagon. Included in the visualizer are the 16 body colors and 16 interior themes. It also comes with five options for the dashboard trim. Another option customers can take is the optional ceramic brakes. Of course, these components may come at additional prices.

It took almost ten years before the BMW gave birth to the M3 Touring. It comes as an ideal for a one-car garage. Now, BMW M3 Touring takes the Goodwill Hill for its debut. This is a perfect way to celebrate BMW M’s half-century anniversary.

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