Roof-Boxed BMW M3 Touring Masters Snowy Drifts

The BMW M3 Touring (G81) shines in the world of high-octane, versatile vehicles. It stands as a symbol of peerless agility and flexible functionality. Enthusiasts craving a deeper dive into the M3 Touring’s driving dynamics will find their desires met. The latest snapshots from the Czech Republic vividly affirm the car’s excellence. These images capture the M3 Touring, decked out in bright Toronto Red Metallic. It glides through the snow with an impressive drift angle. This performance highlights its dynamic prowess, making it a spectacle to behold.

But this drifting story takes an intriguing turn. The BMW M3 Touring pulls off these stunts with a roof box from BMW’s accessory line. This addition sits atop the sporty wagon. It boosts both the car’s looks and its usefulness. Now, there’s more room for extra luggage. This makes the M3 Touring a thrill to drive and more versatile.

BMW presents these roof boxes in three capacities: 320, 420, or 520 liters. Each comes with titanium silver side panels as standard. Want a custom look? You can paint or wrap these panels. This allows for a perfect match with your car’s color. Such customization makes the roof box blend flawlessly with the M3 Touring’s striking look.

The appeal of the BMW M3 Touring goes beyond practical perks, such as extra storage. Its magic comes from merging the 3 Series Touring’s roominess with the M3 Sedan’s thrilling speed. This blend has driven the M3 Touring’s sales to new heights, celebrating a win for the M brand.

Despite the M3 Touring’s debut less than two years ago, BMW is already developing a Life Cycle Impulse (LCI) for it. This move aligns with BMW’s strategy to update the performance estate alongside the M3 Sedan and M4 models’ LCIs. Therefore, it’s not entirely unexpected. The M3 wagon is set to receive a facelift this summer. Moreover, there’s buzz about a more intense version of the model, expected to hit the market in 2025.

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