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A Closer Look at the BMW M2

While some enthusiasts appreciate the fresh appearance of the G87 model, others long for the beloved F87. Notably larger and heavier than its predecessor, the second-generation M2 boasts a revamped dashboard featuring the iDrive 8. Recently released high-quality images showcase a right-hand-drive variant of the entry-level M car in the captivating Brooklyn Grey hue. The current color palette comprises seven options, including two non-metallic choices, Alpine White and the exclusive Zandvoort Blue. Additionally, metallic shades like Black Sapphire, Toronto Red, matte Frozen Pure Grey, and Frozen Tanzanite Blue from the Individual catalog are available.

Exciting updates are on the horizon for the 2025 model year. Alongside a significant power increase and fresh color choices, BMW enthusiasts can anticipate the arrival of the hotter M2 CS. True to BMW’s approach, the M2 CS will likely offer at least one special paint job. Furthermore, the rear-wheel-drive M2 offers extensive customization opportunities with a range of M Performance Parts.

Undeniably, the new M2’s bold design elements have sparked considerable debate on social media and online platforms. While some find the boxy cues challenging to embrace, BMW deserves credit for maintaining the car’s traditional formula. In an era where many competitors have abandoned manual gearboxes and rear-wheel-drive configurations, the M2 still offers the option of a stick shift, delivering power exclusively to the rear wheels.

As BMW M looks toward the future, the G87 M2 may be the last of its kind. Strong indications suggest that upcoming M models will embrace plug-in hybrid technology and automatic transmissions. Moreover, an all-electric M vehicle is slated for release as early as 2027. By remaining faithful to its traditional roots, the M2 is poised to capture the interest of purists who prioritize performance over aesthetics, even if they find the design less appealing.

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