Tyre pressure & a stupid question


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For pressure, largely a question of preference... but the sticker sees quite clear - depends on number of passengers / bags etc..

As for screw type not sure what you mean coz all valves also have screw caps .... normally you just press the catch on the airpump hose and shove it over thr tyre valve.....
Re: Tyre pressure & a stupid question

For conversion, 1 barg = 14.7 psig
you can generally go from say 2.2bar to 2.6bar. all well within specs, and it's largely up to your comfort preferences. Keep a lookout for uneven tyre wear with over or underinflated tyres (excessive wear on centre of thread pattern, and sides of thread pattern, respectively) and incidences of aquaplanning or fuel consumption.

i take it that your rims are the 2-piece or 3-piece type, and the rivets are somehow blocking the head of the pump nozzle? One way to get around it is to change the nozzle itself. Every tyre shop has one but to change it you have to dismount the tyres. Then get a nozzle with a longer neck.

Another way is to try different petrol stations as different stations, even from the same company, may have different brands of air pump. Some heads may fit.
if u still have the manual, quite a comprehensive page on what pressure for what tyre size and load.
RAcebred is spot on about the nozzle/tyre valve being too short. Means the air pump couldnt reach and cover the tyre valve/nozzle.
I tried at Esso, but i guess i have to try other places.

As for tyre pressure, i understand it varies.... jus wanted some sharing of info..