I personally wouldnt send to one of these sealers (never say never but currently I would not) but my mom is super bo chap her car type and since it is new and very dark blue, it is likely to get super scratched if not 'protected' with one of these sealant type products quickly.

So how? Has anyone out there tried toughseal or it's competitors...can comment or not?
Never tried but this is wat i understand. Maybe u already know...anyway, seal is much stronger than wax. The argument provided is that wax kinda melt under the hot sun, so a sealant provide stronger protection, as claimed. I have no idea how true, but it sounds scary to me so its something i wouldnt do. I think wash and wax is good enough.
yes, i am eager to try a paint sealent, to protect new paintjob since it's also destined to be neglected from then on.

any recommendations? it's for metallic black paint.
Freeloader! Start your own thread... :shoot: :shoot: :shoot:

But seriously, this may be the start of a group buy! There is a toughseal website:

and I noticed discounts for 3 forum car clubs but not ours :(
Hi all!! I went ToughSeal 3 week ago, i must say is nt up to my expectation!! There is a thread in this forum about toughseal,Amazing Glaze n etc... Please check it out! But i m intested in the Amaguard(i think, which is in the other thread) cos it seem to do alot on Super flashy expensive cars. Should b quite good. Tot of gng for it! Mayb those interested can group up n go together(can ask for a special discount price) :)
Can I ask what car your sealed (and is there a difference for new cars vs older ones) and what was the cost?

And is the maintenence routine post sealing a difficult one to follow? i.e. there is some special shampoo that you are suppose to use. Easy to use or not?
My ride is E46 cab. If new cars less than 1 week got a special price, abt $50 lesser (i think). I paid $400. 1st few days after the seal, u cant wash the car(if rain is ok). A weeklater go back for a selant checkup to c everytin is ok. In future the treated paintwork cant apply wif wax or polish substances anymore cos it will ruin n 'fogged' the paintwork(quoted by the managment). Ned to use a special to wash the car(tis is option as can wash wif jus plain water). Another bottle of solution is to enchance the gloss after the wash, it also sort of wax the car. If u 1 u can take a look at my car tis sunday. Hopei am able to make it there..... c ya
If one wld to pay $400 for those "seals", I would reckon to pay abt $450 per year for grooming which incl external & internal care for the car for up to 5 times a year. I hv done glare seal on my previous car, & it is nice for sometime; but nothing beats having to send to good groomers to get the whole car done.
Becos if kena rain bo pian oredi..L.L lor...

:lol: :lol: :lol: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
To cab driver: After u went for Glare Seal treatment, does ur car paintwork feel waxy everytime u wash ur car? Cos i want tis type of waxy feelin on the paintwork. Too bad tough Seal dnt give me tis result! Wonder if Permaguard can do it or nt?
Every company will have something good to say about his product. I reserve my opinion about their claims. $400 is alot of money to spend on grooming. $400 can buy many OTS products that can give you the same result. It all depends on whether you make the time and effort to do it yourself. I don't think these professional groomers use anything so special that layman like us cannot handle. I think a large portion of the price they charged goes to paying for labour and overheads like rental, advertisement, etc. Just my personal opinion with no intent of discrediting any of these grooming companies. At the end of the day, if you think it is money well spent, then so be it.
I agree with Gabey. I think if u put two cars side by side, one jus polished DIY, the other by a groomer, u cant really tell the difference. And considering the climate we have, the humidity plus the soot ... any kind of grooming job will suffer in days. Unless u are not keen to DIY, then its alright to pay for labour and pdt costs, but at a reasonable price. Its best to wash regularly, at least once a week, plus use a good wax like Autoglym or Zaino or equivalent range.

In the end, I chose Groomworks and Glare for the E60. Reason is cos I already use Groomworks for my other car but have the Zaino package. Am perfectly happy with the Zaino and am very familiar and comfortable with Yong and his crew at Maxwell Rd.

However, I am fully aware that Glare is not going to be as good as Zaino. In this case, I dont have the luxury of bringing in the E60 (Not my car and not in my house!) every month for a 'facial' of Zaino.

The car is being glared just as we speak and I am fully expecting the result to be inferior to any of the Zainoed cars there when I go pick it up later. But what to do! :angry:
Know you're experiencing the posting error. Am doing some testing to the servers now! :)
Got the car back. Must say that I am pretty happy with the 'fresh from the oven' look. Will report back in a week to see how it stands up to the daily grime...

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