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Hello there
Wot a wonderful experience that you know ok....., I need to service my baby for some oil change :)

We have a few recommended workshops in our MENU, namely BVO, Juzz4Car,RiverView,M&Q
Many of our bros are their customers

As far as the cost, well...that depends on the oil brand and grade.
But you can be sure that the labour is cheaper. Another advantage is you can pretty much walk in w/o any appointment :thumbsup:
I was also thinking that 25K servicing is abit on the high side. Was also thinking of doing an oil change when i hit 10K. Can we do the servicing outside? since the car in on warranty? also how much will it be if we do the 10K servcing in PML?
Re: servicing workshop beside PML

I'm from the old-school-of-thought: "oil is cheap, engine damage is expensive". I'll be doing an oil+oil filter change between every BMW recommended oil inspection, i.e.

12000km - oil+oil filter change
25000km - oil+oil filter+aircon filter (BMW Oil Service)
37000km - oil+oil filter change
50000km - BMW Inspection I
63000km - oil+oil filter change
75000km - oil+oil filter+aircon filter (BMW Oil Service)
87000km - oil+oil filter change
100000km - BMW Inspection II

BMW Oil Service for E46 around $300 at PML; most of it goes to oil (6.5L), oil filter and aircon filter.

BMW Inspection I is around $500?
and Inspection II around $700?

hope that helps.
For those interested, did an oil service at BVO today after around (12000+km). As my car under warranty, so told them changed without resetting my servicing counter, so when my 25,000km reach, i'll do that at PML.

Changed oil (mobile), oil filer, air filter + labour came to $235.

Not sure if that is cheap or not, but oil is around $140+, labour is $50, rest is the remaining 2 filter.
err... dunno what brand oil filter BVO use leh.... i did not check, but should be something standard OEM i guess since like $10 or so only.

The oil i think used was 5W50 if correct.

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