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Servicing / Oil Change


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It's perfectly alright to follow the indicator. But if you sayang your car more, you can change earlier. It's totally up to you, pretty much like how often do you like to wax your car. if you dont change to aftermarket plugs, then the plug change will be done by PML as per servicing schedule.
Re: Servicing / Oil Change

NGAH said:
Goodday to all,

Have a question regarding oil change. Do you guys do a oil change when being prompted by the car's ECU Inspection I or II etc. or you'll have to monitor the trip meter yrself for every 10,000km clocked in order to do a oil change.

When should the spark plugs be due for a change? Some guys are telling me the plugs can last up to 100,000km. Is this true? i'm quite doubtful about this statement.

Currently driving a E46.

Kindly adv.

Best Regards.

If your foot weighs a ton then I think its advisable to change early. Mine foot is around .... less then a ton but I went for inspection 1 slightly early. :)
if you drive hard, the countdown drops faster already. so the "early" factor for heavy foot is already factored in.