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Overfilled engine oil


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Start the engine and let it run for aminute or so then check it again.. see if it's still over..

I got a feeling it's deliberate cos these days with the 0W30 oil they using and the 25k interval, they are filling to max so that they will have less complain from owners going back with engine oil check light....

Overfilled oil generally do not do much harm unless it's severly overfilled but u just have the crankshaft dipping into the oil when the level is too high which creates more resistance than required....

For me, i am a believer of changing oil at mid interval which works out to be physically every 10k mileage, i only fill 6L instead of the 6.5L required.

This is also good since 2 bottle of oil can be used 3 times...
I'm going with the 6L and changing at 12k km (half of the 25km recommended). I think PML includes 1L of engine oil when you send your car in for oil service, i.e. for you to top up during the service interval...
best way to check your engine oil as stated in bmw manual is to check at the engine's operating temp. check your level again. it may not be so high when engine's hot.
When I was doing my automotive course a long time ago heard that if you overfill engine oil too much it'll actually spoil/crack the crankshaft at high revs. Wonder if its true?
If you over fill the oil what will happen is that the crankshaft will whip the oil like how your wife/girlfriend would whip the eggs while making cake. It will make foam and when these forms (basically air only) carries to parts of the engine, it will cause your engine parts to be rob of the lubrication that it needs hence it will damage your engine.

Think of teh tarik....the foamy part is basically air only.

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