new 630i with Valvetronic


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Holly molly.....

3.0L with electric water pump with 7000rpm ! This is going to be a sub 6 sec car if mount on the E90 man !!!

Now, let me check if i can get the same electric water pump for my car... kekeke ! :dance:
Piggy... but with the new 3.0 coming with valvetronic, wouldn't that mean that it would be an end to people's modding days?? Look at the current 318s....
but then again, look at the current V8 valvetronics. All the major tuning companies are having a fun time doubling the bhp.

there's hope yet for valvetronic tuning........since alpina, acs, hartge etc have been doing it for the last couple of years.
I thought it means save money coz nothing more to mod :laughlik: Then can juz focus on aesthethics like bodykit etc: :thumbsup:
hahaha!! However, I am someone who is more towards the "less show, more go" school of thought...

RB, you are right... maybe now that tuner have had a few years with the Valvetronics, they can finally crack it and come up with decent mods...