Mr. Jurgen from ASA Germany is here!!


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1) wilman2772/Wilson/96905511
2) Alvin666/Alvin/98446686

Thanks for the arrangement......

It was such an insight and I have learnt a lot man !

piggyboyz said:

Thanks for the arrangement......

It was such an insight and I have learnt a lot man !


Yah booz!! Me learn a hell lot too man!! This fella is 'DEEP' man!!! Shawn & U kept :shoot: :shoot: him with questions, the rest of us just drop our jaws listening.....kekekeke

Dun thank me, Benard & Chris made last nite Q&A a sucess; small but insightfull event!!

Thanks to those who turn up last nite too!!!

p.s.: Bro, pls leave some of the 'Special' concoction (if U intend to make) for me to try alittle yah!! :twisted:


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thanks for organising, very insightful session.

so, alvin, did u kena stop by the police road block? hehehe
Forum was down...didnt get to see this... :verysad:
I am goin to :biggun: all of you liao...
aiyah, no need simi tech talk, just go down and install. ASA M3 only giving out 540bhp.

so, have you discovered the way to fully disengage your DSC?
Not yet leh...but at some stage will do..
When next track day? I m keen leh..
ok cool bro
sounds good..provide me with further details later ok?
Terima kasih

bro. thanks for organising the session last nite. We should organise more of such tech talk. For those of you who know certain personalities for their expertise in different fields eg. racing drivers, real policeman, etc.. we can always invite them to give us a talk or just to share experiences.
Can Racebred, Wilman or Piggy do a summary of any useful or interesting info that was shared the other night for those of us who can't make the event?

gabey said:
bro. thanks drivers, real policeman, etc.. .

REAL policeman!? So we definitely dont want someone from TPL :laughlik:

sorry, cannot resist :)

ASA SC is sibeh ho!

2.2L gives you 100bhp extra,
330i goes up to 330bhp,
M3 capable of 540bhp.

This is with 0.45 of boost. With 0.9bar, the fella's own Z3 3.0 power increases to 420bhp, with some work on piggyback ECU, headers, and decat.

ASA comes with the blower, the TM12, an intercooler, and a cheating box to override the MAF signals. Americans have fitted on their E46 for a couple of years, and forum feedbacks have been mostly positive for reliability.

ASA is good.

Everyone should install one.

Sounds really good. How to install? :drool: :drool:
ok good
will ponder it when my car's warranty is over :verysad:
DreamDriver said:
Is it a fair estimate that this kind of mod will cost upwards of $10k?

yep..easily...likely to be a bit more..
Mai tu liao..
Racebred said:
ASA is good.

Everyone should install one.


Yes!!! Everybody must install one!! I volunteer 1st, just need a sponsor..... :roll:

Here are some pics of the ASA factory.....

The Cabrio on the right of this pic is at ASA Stage4 = ~400bhp!!! :drool:


Turbines....... :drool:




Z4 3.0 ASA SCed....... :drool:


Different makes of engines for them to develop SC kits........ :shock:


Stringent tests are made for certain kits development b4 shipping....



Alpina B7 blowers...... :drool:


How to sleep in peace from now??? Sigh.......... :sleepy:

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