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It transform the look of your meters cuz whern u add the chrome dials and its night, the red light reflects off the chrome, giving the dials a more illuminated look encircling the dials.

As for installation, ask a forumer during PDC, they'll be more than happy to help u. I got my rings fitted when me and some forumers were chilling in Yishun Dam! Go figure!! :)
Re: Meter Rings

I believe sam has said what there needs to be said.

Anyway, i shall say some more :shakemyb:

Just come during our meetups and check them out. I'm sure the meter rings would be the last thing on your mind after that ahahah.

Yes, just get one of us to help. Hell...just approach me if you want. heh, during meetup lah. The rings would take about ten minutes..need tools like a set of torx bit screwdriver and doublesided tape. Very easily done.

cheers man.

oneHeadlight said:
Always been wantin to install the meter rings asi think it adds sportiness to the look. At the same time, i m curious how it looks at night when the lights are now.

can vaguely recall in the old forum that we can buy and install quite cheaply at one of the shops...can anyone advise the price (pdt & installation) n place...

Any idea how much a set of these rings costs? And where can I get them?

Thanks :thumbsup:
rodders said:
Any idea how much a set of these rings costs? And where can I get them?

Thanks :thumbsup:
Well, i got mine at 90.

A lot of the folks here can get them around 70-90 nowadays.

However, there's one from thailand which was quoted at 40$...
The one from Thailand sounds like a good deal to me.....Anyone with an extra set from Thailand lying around? :wavey:
Got my at 90 too. was in the 1st batch ordered by KT eons ago. However, the quality ain't that great and it was more matt silver than chrome. So I sanded the rings down and resprayed them chrome. Has been on my car since then.

Too bad, i just noticed that the paint is bubbling on the rings. guess i have to remove them and respray them again. oh well....
Looks like it may not be such a good idea after all to get the cheaper ones from Thailand.......won't know the kind of quality I'll be getting... :verysad:
Rodders, u can get them online from too.

My rings were from bimmian, i think, but the quality wasn't so good. Guess that it was the luck of the draw and in those days, this mod was considered new, so it took a bit of experimentation. By now, the making of the rings would be perfected so I guessed the quality would be perfect.

Cheers :)
I second what Azriel said. You should check out the rings for workmanship before purchasing. I bought a set about 2 years back when this trend was new and the quality was quite bad too.
Thanks for all the input guys. Will see all of you at the June 27th meet up and make a comparison of the rings.. :)
Just wondering, are the meter rings applicable for all models or do they have different sets for different models?
Saw some rings at Eng Soon. Didn't ask about the price though.
yeah there are differences between 3 series and 5 and Z, and between E36 and E46. AFAIK there are shiny chrome and matt chrome versions for E36 and E46. The shape diff lies in the 2 smaller circles, with flat bottom and round bottom.
Hi. This may sound silly, but just wondering if any bros here put only 2 rings (speedo n rev)... cos i actually like to highlight only this 2 meters, but wondering if it'll look wierd (purposely leaving the temp n fuel meters 'un-ringed'), anyone tried? Cos i am now planning to get a set, but wondering to use the 2 small rings or not.

Another matter, does Juzz have those matt silver ones? and how much do they cost with install?
I called Juzz that day was quoted by the lady over the phone $120 installed :screwedu: for the Matt Chrome version. Anyways I think you should get everything installed. Just installing 2 would make it seem uneven. just my 2 cents
woopsie! 120!!!? wow! but ok, point on the 4rings noted. actuali very hesitant on installing just 2 rings...
Thanks for fb.

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