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Keeping it top TOP nearly 8 years
Oil leaks are mainly below
I change at the following km for 6 cylinder inline n52 non turbo 2.5
No leaks, no oil disappearing

Oil missing Culprits are
Oil filter housing area gaskets - every 50,000km
Valve cover gaskets every 60,000km
Pcv valve leak (built-in)valve cover - 60,000km
Oil sump gasket leak - 80,000km
Valve stem seal - every 120,000km soon
Rear crank seal - every 80,000km
Front crank seal - every 100,000km

Other changes most done & some planned
Alternator 60,000km
Starter motor - 50,000km
Idler pulley and tensioner & belt - 50,000km
Brakes pads at 40,000km
Radiator small leak 80,000km
Expansion tank exploded - 80,000km
Oxygen sensors - 70,000km smoother
Atf cooler 80,000km
Atf fluids every 40,000km
Gearbox trans seal sleeve & adapter60,000km
Oil change every 7,000km
Spark plugs and coils - 50,000km
Fuel pump & filter regulator -100,000km plan
Brake Rotors - 70,009km
Struts - 60,000km
Differential oil change 40,000km
Front wheel bearing - 70,000km
Add M3 Control arms - 50,000km
Guibo - 70,000km
Center shaft bearing - 70,000km
Engine and transmission mount - 50,000
disa motors - 80,000
Aircon compressor - 100,000km planned
Aircon Blower 80,000km
Water pump and thermostat and hoses 80,000km

Sensors changed
Maf sensor - 80,000km
Map sensor (pressure) - 70,000km
Crankshaft sensor - 70,000km
Camshaft sensor - 60,000km
Eccentric shaft sensor - 40,000km
2 Vanos solenoids - 50,000km
Temperature sensor - 70,000km
4 Oxygen sensors - 70,000km
Oil pressure sensor - 80,000km
Timing chain tensioner - 80,000km
Wheel speed sensor - 60,000km

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