Kickback on rear-wheel driven cars


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yeah go for the EGS software upgrade. It'll make the auto downshift to 2nd gear much smoother. many of us have gone for it already. solves this problem completely. It shouldnt take more than a moment to upload the program, and should be free for you.
Have not done it yet... Was told I need to make a service appointment for the upgrade :shock:

Will update when I get it done.
ANy chance of free upgrade if car's outta warranty???

Also Ned do let me know if you are changing HU.....

You can always try.. 8)

Was told by the SA the damage was about S$120 for this upgrade, if no warranty.

Have not decide on the HU change yet.. will defintely let you know.

Btw, the trims looks great, thanks :)

Have done the software upgrade... but didn't seems to help much... the sound is still there when gear shifting down from 3rd to 2nd :(

Any other ideas?

Btw, is there a way to check if the upgrade was done at all? Can't tell any difference drive-wise.
maybe it's really part of the car. try test driving their demo car, test driving a similar car during our meetups, or let some of us taxi in your car and hear it, so a comparison can be made
That's a good idea. But having sat in my friends 318Valve i really don't hear the same sound.

btw, just one other question... which i hope i can get some help.... When driving in Manual mode when the car comes to a complete stop, does the gear automatically shifts down to gear 1? Mine remains in gear 2 even if I come to a complete stop. I have to manually lower to gear 1 myself. Is there something wrong?


Which EGS version is the latest?
My 318i is registered in 12/2003. Do you think it's with the latest EGS software?

Re: Kickback on rear-wheel driven cars

Economy / smoother ride i reckon