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FS: Sony MP3 Changer & floor mats for E46!


Staff member
I also have 2 complete sets of BMW 3-series floor mats (front left & right, rear letf & right). A brand new set, and a used set (6 months). Brand new set going for $200. Used set going for $75.

If interested, gimme a call, 9617 4723

3 series, for what car? E36/ E46?

Coupe/Sedan or Cab?

Damn... I just got my carpet last week from PML 25% discount which was $140+. Sigh...

BTW, the mp3 with the connects2 box, is there any noticeable lag when changing tracks, and does it support above 99 songs a CD?

What's the model for the changer?
The mats are for E46, sedan.. But fits into my previous Cabrio. The front left and right are all standard (i think), wheras the only difference is for the rear left, which has a thin strip which extends to the right side. But in the cabrio, all i did was fold this back (didn't cut it). BMW logos on all mats.

For the mp3 changer, there is no lag at all in changing tracks as it has built in memory for 12 mins. However, when changing CDs, there is a noticeable lag, i think due to it having to do some read-forward. I have CDs with under 100 songs and CDs with over around 188 songs. All can be played, as song 101 will be displayed as 01. The player knows which song is which :)

The CD changer is CDX-T70MX

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