Eton vs Helix vs DLS


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I was quoted to use with a 2nd hand MTX 5 channel amp they have then.

However, one of the member from the ICE forums said driving the Eton with the MTX might not be powerful enough.

I guess the difference could be the kind of music the driver listens to, which probably affects the speakers recommendation as well?

I believe one of the best ways is to listen to what others have installed. Play some of your favourite CDs and see which suits you better.

Do give me a buzz if you want to listen to the DLS. I would also be keen to listen to what others have done. :)
Cybertron, i think the power of the amp plays a part. WHat my fren did was to bridge a 4channel purely for front speakers only. And of cos he has other stuff. In total 3 amps. I listened to it last night....very very nice.

e46sg...thanks for the offer. Spoke to a couple installers, and got thumbs up for this model. I think i m gonna jus try the Helix. So we've rainbow users, Eton users, and DLS there's gonna be a Helix user, barring any last min change of mind.