E90 window cannot close &^#@%^%@^&*


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KNN, sway is sway, no wonder mahjong also lose this CNY.

Window wound down yesterday to do some 'cleaning' now the window is stuck and cannot close automatically when you press the button. Checked around and all workshops are closed till Thursday. I think must be plastic bag and cover up for now?

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Re: E90 window cannot close &^#@%^%@^&*

ABD, have you tried PML or MA?
Re: E90 window cannot close &^#@%^%@^&*

Most probably the latch inside had broken. Have you try use your hand to pull it up manually?
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Re: E90 window cannot close &^#@%^%@^&*

I believe its possible to pull up and tape closed manually but you may have to unscrew the inner door panel. Hopefully Mr Tan is not on long leave.
Re: E90 window cannot close &^#@%^%@^&*

ABD - your backup plan if its really a mechanical fault ......

Mr. Tan, Power Windows Specialist
Re: E90 window cannot close &^#@%^%@^&*

Afew days ago my rear window could only go up or down by about 3 to 4 inches each time, not all the way. Did a reset by starting up the engine, windows down all the way, release button, press down again and hold for 20 sec. Release button, bring window up all the way. Off engine. Start engine again and window is able to operate normally. Error symbol gone.
Re: E90 window cannot close &^#@%^%@^&*

This thread can close liao or merge with the other one on power window(sorry that day I didn't see the existing thread bcos the window make me very the Tulan).

MR Tan to the rescue, CNY day-4. Came personally over and in 15mins, all done. Paid a little more than some hiadees but below $200. Happy poon pee pee. Now my hobby is wind up wind down window. Feeling is good.
Re: E90 window cannot close &^#@%^%@^&*

Caution, you up-down too much may need another visit from him. Hmmm ... he must stock a whole lot of BMW regulators in order to be so responsive.
Re: E90 window cannot close &^#@%^%@^&*

Boss good to hear you can wind down window Liao .... U selling your performance suspension beh? Pls pm

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