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E90 3-Series Spy shot


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There are more photos at the URL above.
More conservative looking than the previous models which is good.
It would be nice if you can help us edit the black masking patches off the photos to give us an impression of what it looks like?
I really hope that when the real thing comes out, it'll look more like the one posted up by Ryan the other day...

:verysad: :(
jaskin said:
:screwedu: that's screwed up
Spy cars always look like that what.

Anyways..BMW won't screw up the next generation of their bread and butter cars. It'd look great.
The head lamps look quite conventional unlike the 5 series or even the 1 series. It just looks like a smaller version of the E46 lights. Looks like pretty big kidney grills for a 3 series too.
Give me an E46 anytime!! :)

Oh ya ppl, any idea when will this ugly E90 be out?

Shall grab hold the chance of gettting the last batch of E46s at a special price yeah!!! haha!!
Alot of the outlines have been masked using tapes and stuff..

The hood seems to be a combination of the pre-FL and FL E46.
Hood: The pre-FL hood has a straighter indent whereas the FL E46 has indents that run from the edge of the hood to the tip of the front kidney grill.

Headlights really resemble the 1-series.. More executive-looking perhaps than the current E46?

Grilles - fortunately, it adopted a fiercer looking kidney face (vs the 7), like the 5-series. hehehee...


How about an outline view? - don't mind the colors as they're used to emphasize the outlines

Racebred said:
that's a good way to see the real shape. not bad.

From another more bangle-butt :thumbsup:

Mockngbrd said:
oh well.... the new Ferrari Modena is gonna be butt ugly too.... time to get a Gallardo... WTF happend to Ferrari..... 1st, the this....
:shoot: :shoot: :shoot:

what's wrong wif the ferrari....superbly beautiful to me....shall go buy the 1/12 scale reps.
Scagliatti's rear is fine just like the old 456 type..the front, however, lacks that "Wow" factor....As if the this car were the predecessor to 456..Nevertheless, the interior is gorgeous. It has the racing feel :thumbsup:

The new Modena...I like it,..It's got a bit of Enzo's tail.
Front looks great, the typical Ferrari. Think well designed...
Now, anyone got the interior photo of the new Modena?

Just my I m ready to get :shoot:
Think that the e90 will look good when its finalized... Ryan is right.. BM won't screw around with their bread and butter car man...

On the Modena, thats a different ball game altogether... I can live with the rear but the front has got to change man... looks like 2 big nostrils waiting to be picked!

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