E60 is here!!!


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Wah! :dance: Time to make a trip down to PML to chope one brochure! Wonder when is the demo car coming out? :thinking:
Azrielsc said:
Wah! :dance: Time to make a trip down to PML to chope one brochure! Wonder when is the demo car coming out? :thinking:

surprise surprise! Active Steering is standard on all three variants! Dynamic Drive is optional

520i comes with 16" style 134 wheels, 525i 17" style 138 and 535i 18" style 123
535i?? I thought it's the 530i... but must get a test drive... my sales lay has smsed me the prices... not too bad!
Paladin said:
NICE! :inlove:

oh well, just for the sake of everyone.

Ryan! Breyton came out with theirs and they call it the "Breyton 5". Here is the only pic that i found:



Have you found any pics of the Hamann version of the E60? Please post if you have it ok? Ta. 8)
sybron said:

Have you found any pics of the Hamann version of the E60? Please post if you have it ok? Ta. 8)

As usual, your wish is my command! :)

They are a bit small but hope u can see the Hamann kit!! For once, the Hamann kit is not so aggressive!



And below is the press release:

The new BMW 5 Series smoothly carries on the path of success of its predecessor. HAMANN MOTORSPORT offers a full range of sporty accessories and performance tuning for all engine versions.

The bodywork of the new BMW 5 Series can be upgraded with elegantly styled HAMANN aerodynamics components. The HAMANN front spoiler doesn't only give the sedan a more striking face but also minimizes the lift on the front axle at high speeds.

The HAMANN side skirts make the four-door car look lower and more stretched. The HAMANN rear panel with cut-out for the HAMANN 2-pipe sport rear silencer rounds out the sporty yet elegant shape of the HAMANN conversion. In addition the range for the sedan contains a HAMANN roof spoiler and a HAMANN rear spoiler.

HAMANN offers one of the most extensive ranges of custom-made wheel/tire combinations from 17- to 20-inch in diameter for the new BMW 5 Series. The biggest version are multi-piece HAMANN PG3 light alloy wheels of the dimensions 9Jx20 front and 10Jx20 rear. 245/30 ZR 20 tires front and 285/25 ZR 20 tires on the rear axle were tested out to be the perfect tire choice for these wheels.

Alternatively available are different other one-piece and modular HAMANN light alloy wheels in various widths and 17-, 18- or 19-inch in diameter.

For a wedge-shaped lowering of the new 5 Series car by about 40 millimeters front and about 20 millimeters on the rear axle, HAMANN provides progressive springs to combine with the standard shock absorbers.

Alternatively HAMANN will soon offer a height-adjustable coil over sport suspension which doesn't only give the BMW a stiffer damper set-up. In addition the lowering can be adjusted up to 60 millimeters on the front axle and up to 30 millimeters rear. HAMANN sport anti-roll bars can be installed to reduce the side tilt of the car as much as possible.

The HAMANN high performance exhaust system with 355 x 32 millimeters large, slotted and vented discs and 4-pot fixed calipers on the front axle provide for optimal deceleration and maximum resistance.

Therewith the new BMW 5 Series is perfectly geared up for powerful HAMANN engine tuning. While the performance kit for the 530d turbodiesel model is still in preparation, HAMANN increased-capacity engines are already available for the 530i and the upcoming 545i.

The HAMANN HM 3.3 increased-capacity engine for the 530i delivers 286 hp / 210 kW at 6,200 rpm and 355 Nm of maximum torque at 4,000 revs. With it the tuned 530i accelerates in about 6.0 seconds from 0 - 100 km/h and reaches a maximum speed of about 270 km/h.

For the BMW 545i there is available the HAMANN HM 5.0 increased capacity engine. After the engine conversion there are available 412 hp / 303 kW at 6,100 rpm and a maximum torque of 535 Nm at 3,900 revs. The road performances are on purebred sportscar level: The sprint from 0 - 100 km/h only takes 5.1 seconds, maximum speed is about 285 km/h.

Sound, exciting look and optimized performance are the features of the HAMANN 2-pipe sport rear silencer which is offered in custom-made versions for all motorizations including the Turbodiesel models. For the 545i there are additionally manufactured special exhaust manifolds and metal-bed sport catalysts.

For the interior the owner of the new BMW 5 Series has the choice between sporty HAMANN accessories such as an ergonomically shaped airbag-sport-steering-wheel or pedals and a gearshift-lever-knob made from aluminium. The cockpit can be made even more exclusively with a custom-made HAMANN full leather trim, which is offered in various colors and designs.

The info and pics are taken from e46fanatics forum!

Cheers :thumbsup:
More pics of the awesome M5!!!!





And pic of the Breyton Kit!


The kit compliments the new 5-series so much better than the ACS and Hamman, imo! Yum yum!!