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I've been on Zaino for the past 1 year.... very happy with it. Everytime after a car wash with their shampoo.... car shines like a mirror! :thumbsup:

P.S: Not affiliated with the product or supplier whatsover, just a happy customer!
Hi, Where can I get Zaino? Went to the online site didn't say much about international distribution.
Instructions for using Zaino products

I send my cars for professional grooming at Groomworks but also bought some Zaino products (Z2, Z6 & Z7) for some DIY grooming.

I believe Groomworks actually go through a few more steps but below are the steps for DIY grooming using Zaino products.

A. Car Wash

1. Pour 1.5 caps of Z7 (Zaino Show Car Shampoo) into I bucket (gallon) of water

2. Wash and rinse the car

3. Dry car with Chamois

B. Preparation/Maintenance

1. Spray light mist of Z6 (Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray) over a wide area

2. Wipe thoroughly and dry with microfibre cloth

C. Grooming/Polish

1. Use Meguiars applicator pad to apply Z2 (Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes) in circular motion

2. Immediately finish off in straight line

3. Do C1 and C2 section by section (e.g. front side/bonnet, left side, back/boot, right side)

4. Leave for 30 minutes

5. Wipe off with microfibre cloth

6. Finish off with Z6 (repeat B1 and B2 above)

Zaino's website

Z7 (Zaino Show Car Shampoo)


Z6 (Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray)


Z2 (Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes)

Thanks for the very detailed info. Seems like we have to repeat the usage of z6..any reason ?

Where can i buy zaino pdts ? is it superior to autoglym (if u have any experience..hope it doesnt offend any autoglym users)

btw, how do u clean and protect your interior ?

thanks again..

Sorry, I misled you unintentionally.

Section B (Preparation/Maintenance) and Section C (Grooming/Polish) are mutually exclusive.

I mean, follow the instructions for Section A plus Section B if you are just washing and maintaining the car in between polishing sessions.

Follow the instructions for Section A plus Section C when you are doing a car wash and full polishing session.

You can get Zaino products from Groomworks and another placed operated by a chap called Chandra (I forgot the name of the shop).

For the car interior, I used Meguairs Gold Class Interior Wipes (get from Carrefour). It leaves a wet gloss look for a while which will dissapear or matt away after some time (in case you don't like the wet look). Very convenient, just pull out from canister, wipe and then throw away. 8)

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