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buying of license plate numbers


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Re: buying of license plate numbers

Put on new car, transfer fee of $100 applies.

Put on old car, pay transfer fee of $1,300. This is on top of the normal vehicle transfer fee.
Re: buying of license plate numbers

MRacer77 said:
If anyone can help me to clarify the following issues, it would be most helpful:

1. If I were to buy an old license plate, what would be the steps and costs involved if I wanted:
a. To put it on a new car; and
b. To put it on an old car.

Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:

Can only answer from costs standpoint :

New car : $100
Old car : $1,300 and this is on top of the normal vehicle transfer fee if any.
Hi. You can buy an old number plate from either a dealer or pte owner.
1. From a dealer - Make sure what he quotes you is inclusive of transfer fees. He's got to transfer the old car to your name first before you can safely say that you own the number. Most of the time, it is from a scrap vehicle; so there's no big hassle. The dealer will make you sign a form saying that the proceeds of the scrap papers will go to him. An additional SGD 100 is payable to LTA to retain the number plate that you bought. This will buy you 6 months.

2. From a pte owner - This may prove an expensive exercise. Some owners sell their plates but want to keep the car. Then double transfer fees will be applicable. If in case they want to scrap the car, they may want you to buy the scrap car also. However, after retaining the number, you can either offset against the cost of a new car if you are buying one, or if you are not, then sell the scrap car to a dealer.

You can use an old number plate only on a new car. You cannot use it on an old car. This much I know because I tried and failed. However, you can bid for a new number and use on an old car. For this, you bid for the plate at LTA and pay a fee to change the number. I am not sure whether the SGD 1300 Clubhead mentioned is the fee, but you can check.

You can either call LTA's hotline or log in to to check the procedure.

Alternatively, if you are around Sin Min area, pop in and ask. They are quite helpful nowadays.
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TripleX said:
Sorry didn't mean to do this, but my computer went into debug mode quite afew times and I just clicked away.

Once again, sorry
No prob bro,

Still making some server tweaks so yah, the irritating issue is still there.

Facing this problem right?

i thought old car number can be transferred to another old car provided you own both cars? fee is $1300 right.
"An additional SGD 100 is payable to LTA to retain the number plate that you bought. This will buy you 6 months."

The 6 months period is now extended to 12 months. If you need more time, like your Enzo is still queueing for production, then you need to pay another $1000 for a 6 month extension. A max. of 2 extension applies after which LTA will "Choi Kong" the reg. number liao. :angry:

I am not really sure. But the catch is that you must own both. However, to be sure, I guess someone has gotta check directly with LTA. My personal experience is this.

Last year, I wanted to buy an old plate for a car which I already owned. LTA turned me down saying that this was against regulations and that an old plate can only go onto a new car. Point to note is that if you buy an old plate, its gotta be transferred to you; therefore, you are rightfully the owner of the old car on which that old number was on.

This year, I sold my ride but retained the number before I transferred the vehicle out. By right, I am supposed to transfer the old plate to a new car immediately; but since my new car has yet to arrive, I had to pay 1300 to keep the plate till my new ride gets here. I read on the notice that I may use the retained number either on a new car or another that is currently owned by me. Very blurr leh.

So better check with LTA to be 101% sure and don't get caught buying an old number which you cannot eventually use on your current ride; just to be safe.
It can be done.

Just need to apply to retain your existing number and pay 1.3k to LTA. You will have 1 yr to use the retained number on either a new or used car to be registered in your name. If you use it on a new car, you can apply to LTA for a refund of 1.2k. If you use it on a used car, you will not be refunded anything.

Hope this helps! :)

P.S: I just did a number retention for my existing number. Sold my car and have yet to find a replacement car. The LTA officers I spoke to referred such cases as "number retention for FUTURE USE".

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