BMW Driver Training

Ohh. the "beginner one".. not the intensive one..
Ehh. probably not for you me thinks.. Hehehe..
I may be interested if my schedule permits. Can you fill me in on the details please?

I'm interested in going to. I heard my tracking buddies in Canada the first course is quite basic but the second one is quite terror cause you get to go tracking.
Advanced Driver Training also has track lappings too, when you going from one station to another.
Will keep everyone posted.. The info is not on the web yet, but I obtained it after I called PML directly. I forgot the actual date but I remember its a saturday.

Didnt manage to get thru today tho...will call again to confirm.

Hi Guys,

Called PML for the Driver Training Schedule.
According to the lady I spoke with only Performance Motors Customers can join the event :roll:

Advance Level I is held on two dates:
September 18 & 19

Course Fees are $500

I'm gonna have to give this session a miss though... Exam on the 19th.
Does that mean that our cars would have to be bought directly from PML and not from like say TTS?
rodders said:
Does that mean that our cars would have to be bought directly from PML and not from like say TTS?

so long as your car is a PML car (used or new), even if previously bot thru tts, tanglin cars, so long not fr PI, u pay d $500 per participant. from your chasis no./engine no., they wil know if your car is a pml car.

previously, for non-bmw owners or non-PML bmw owners, u can stil participate, but d fee is higher e.g. $750? not sure abt now.
Re: BMW Driver Training

SMYUEN said:
Hey folks,

Me intending to go for the driver training course in October. Anybody keen to go together??



Hi ! SM Yuen.

As DreamDriver has mentioned tried to get 3 friend to go because 1 car share amoung 3 drivers. It is better to get 3 fast driver and you will sure to enjoy the whole day.

If there are Saturday and Sunday section, it is better to go on Saturday course because you will enjoy a new set of tyres. They usually changed the tyres after 2 days.

Try to get plenty of sleep the day before because you need lot of energy.

By the end of the day you will sure feel that for S$500 it is money well spend :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Remarks: I noticed that the Brake Pad they are using are less brake dust. May be they are using different Brake Pad :roll: Let me know you feel the same after the course.

See you around !
Ok.. so the list currently stands at:

1. SMYuen
3. CoolBlue6699
4. jaskin
5. cab_driver
6. Alvin666 (x2)
7. rex7_vtec

Will keep updated. We can organise into threes later as suggested by BMWSILVER.