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There had been very few threads on BMW Connected Drive in this forum. The last discussion on this topic was as early as 2011. Things have changed a lot since then. BMW Connected Drive vehicles are connected to the BMW central server over mobile data connection provided by an integrated SIM card. BMW started making the Connected app available for iOS, and now it is also available for the Android platform. The app allows the owner to lock/unlock vehicle remotely, flashing the headlights, remote start, and I don’t know what else this can do.

Is anyone here using this? Would you mind share your experience and thoughts?
I just started using this about a month ago so limited experience below.

The app allows me to view my car remotely using the 360 camera on the car. This is fun for a while but you can only have a limited number of snap shots every couple of hours and it feels a little gimmicky after a while.

The app has a navigation function with which I can save a destination, but it has a limited number of destinations. The recent activity tab has previous destinations list but only retains some places only. I still haven't figured out how it decides. To use the destination, the easiest way for me is to open the app in the car and press "go" to send the destination to the navigation system. The phone needs to be connected though. Sometimes the wife is with me and the car recognizes her phone instead and this can get very irritating. I can send the destination to the car remotely, but haven't figured out out to transfer it from the inbox to the car navigation.
Useful for My other half to locate my current position while parking only... cn be turn off but she will nagggggg

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Is there any subscription costs to it? If I am purchasing a used BMW from its first owner - does anything need to be done to reconfigure it?


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I got my car in February and I love this connected drive thing, however many parts of it do not really work. I suspect that there are problems with a proper connection of iPhone 7+. Thus I recently lost an ability to receive SMS messages and emails. Before that, I could at least see them but not to reply. In contrast, Samsung phone allow to both display messages and reply to them/make voice calls, as it is actually written in the manual.

I have also notices that installation of Spotify and TuneIn Radio badly affects how BMNW Connected works.

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