Blunder by Car Company

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Just an update...Very impressed with the professionalism of the sales team and mgmt stuff on the swift handling of this incident. Yes I do agree with everyone that everyone makes errors but I dont believe everyone can provide such efficient service recovery.

In saying that, I am happy with the arrangement and solution given and looking forward to getting my new ride!!!!
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Re: Blunder by Car Company

details details?????... the dealer register ur M5 as 520i issit? Good lower road taxes and insurance...
Re: Blunder by Car Company

zimmy83;1035579 said:
hey MW

i wish man..basically they registered the my car which was meant to be picked up today under my brother's name, their reason is that the names were similar and they made a human errror. And they found out late yesterday and only informed me today. They are currently appealing to LTA to see if they can reverse the registration of ownership of the car.

Seriously...wth man...i have never heard of such a blunder in all my buying of cars in Singapore. How can something so simple have such a mistake?? and who is suffering now? Me as the client.

The rule of thumb in SG is if its not ur fault, u dun have to care. Its an admin procedure. You just drive the car 1st and wait for them to sort out the registration. If they dun do so, u hoot them with ur lawyer..
Re: Blunder by Car Company

zimmy83;1035584 said:
i am not even allowed to take the car basically...its sitting in the showroom with a cover now...they say i need to wait till its fixed...and all this is at my expense...

You know that's bullshit.
Re: Blunder by Car Company

You're getting an M135i. Would the company be, erm, lesse... Something that starts with the letter M? Like Moron? Or Mm'zai? Or, wait I think I got it: but cannot say because it's a site sponsor?!
Re: Blunder by Car Company

How can that happen? I believe that they would need the original IC to register a car. You sure your bro didn't play a prank on you?
Re: Blunder by Car Company


dun pan chance
Re: Blunder by Car Company

Yes. Sue! Help the laMWyer put the downpayment for his M6 sooner! But, will he be getting it from the same company that blundered so badly!?!
Re: Blunder by Car Company

Seriously?..... Mana ai sai??.
The SE must be Tao ka pai. Too much commission liao.
Re: Blunder by Car Company

Sue.. .sue.
Cannot be even at your expenses. Claim them gao gao.
Re: Blunder by Car Company

even you and your bro test drive the car, how can register wrongly?

1. who sign the hire purchase form
2. use whose IC to bid COE
3. who take bank loan now

car can register wrong name but all the above also using wrong name?
did your bro sign all the forms? if not how can you sign all the forms and car registered under bro name?
car register using bro name but no coe, no hire purchase and no bank loan?
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