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Aftermarket Parking Sensors


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May be a stupid idea, but...

is there equivalent of PDC for the MB? Then, just get the part number of the strip that has the holes (i.e. original MB/AMG part), and install aftermarket sensors.

So, net result: looks stock, cheaper price.
Yo Dj,

The one that u say install from inside is called bumper care. No good i would say. Coz the beeping will not sound when u stepped onto the brakes. Which means u wont know how near ur rear to the obstacles when stepping on the brakes. Use the conventional methods. Best way out...


Thanks, in that case I will not consider the one that is installed from the inside. Use conventional methods? The W211 is quite a big car lah, compared to my Z3 and previous E46. Must take some care. :)