8 Series


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Ryan - i noticed there's no 8 series in this forum title... pretty rare but i think we might wanna add that in to complete it? Unless we classify an 8er as a classic model?

Thanks for the note. ;)
How many 8s are there on the island anyway?
It's my teenage favorite car. A lot more character than Testarossa or Countachs.
Think there are not more than 10 running around now... I know that about 2 of them are 840s, the rest normal 850s and there is one which is a 850 CSI... drool....
Raffles said:
:inlove: My Fav too ! :inlove:

Long story, fell in love with 8 Ser when I was 19.
What beats meeting wife & the 8 Ser everyday in Bt Timah showroom as I always pick up my wife ? (she was working there back then)

MRacer: Where can I see them now ? ;)

Quite rare to see them on the roads now.. but there are some around the Holland Village area... see them sometimes when I am driving around there... never fails to bring a smile to my face...
Hmm...m 8 series huh, it reminds me those days back in BC, the maids is driving the 850ci thru n flow btw the superstore jus for grocery in west vancouver.