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Dear Bro not Sis,

When to PML on tuesday to check out 4 series, but was a bit disappointed. But the 3 Series GT caught mine eyes.

Have anyone own it already or test driven before? Any feedback on the car performance, handling and any other comments. Please advise
Re: 3 Series GT

I m interested to know the FC
Re: 3 Series GT

test drive the 335i GT on one occasion at PML.

My FR :
1) High CG, body will roll during certain corner.
2) No longer has the signature start up of the 6 cyc note.
3) Good rear leg space (for family orientated ppl)
4) Power seems about the same to the N20 TC ones (328i)
5) Good for ppl that wanna stop modding.

over all, slightly nicer looking than the 5ser GT, Msport package is the way to go (looks sportier)

Cheerssssssssssssssss ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Re: 3 Series GT

What is the diff btw F31 & F34?
Re: 3 Series GT

Hi tomace,

Thank you for the FR. Use to drive a coupe 335 now driving X1. Now with family growing, that why need the space.

Still thinking about it before test drive it. Will keep you all update if test drive is gone.

Any more feedback will be great.

Many thanks in advance. By the way did not see any on the road yet, any bro or sis driving it yet?
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