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I'm considering between a 5 yr old 525 (omw 63K) 4 yr old 525 (mv 53K). Mileage is about 100K and 50K respectively. Can anyone advise what are the general wear and tear stuff that I should be looking at for replacement for the 100K car? Price difference between the 2 is 11K before negotiation.

Thanks in Advance
Re: 2008 - 525

At 100k, usual risks are gearbox reliability (esp if never changed due to trust in lifetime fluid), worn wheel bearing, suspension fluid leak, engine mount hardened. Squeaking door/Body rattle also not uncommon. If can ask dealer to send for workshop check before buying. System will hv electronic log of historical faults which can be checked if shop hv the bimmer diagnostic tool. Good luck with nego.
Re: 2008 - 525

build into the buying price $6k-$8k to fix the gearbox ... then it's good to go
Re: 2008 - 525

dude. I have a mate coincidentally selling a 525i 2008. expat car. 1st owner. VERY LOW MILEAGE 39K. OMV I have to check. black colour outside. dark beige inside. if u r keen pm me n I give u the guys number to call.
Re: 2008 - 525

There are several WS that can service gearbox. Try them.
I did my 6 yo 320 gb, just flushing it and it work beautifully for another 20k km before i sold the car.
Re: 2008 - 525

E60 525 is considered to be the best of the lot. More economical than a 530 and nearly as quick.

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