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2004 F1 Events *Round 18)


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At last! A BMW win!

What a great way to end the F1 season...a long awaited win by the Williams BMW team. Montoya drove like a demon possessed :twisted:, setting fastest lap after fastest lap. If only he had raced like this every time. We wouldn't be humming along with the German national anthem like it was a top ten hit.

Poor Barrichello - on pole, he had the expectations of Paulistas and all of Brazil on his shoulders. He looked terribly drained and dejected on the podium. Not really his fault, it was the Bridgestones that didn't perform as well in the semi-wet as the Michelins. As he ended the post race press conference saying, "it's still there to be won." I couldn't help thinking that it was more than sweat he was wiping away from his face.

Well, another 5 long months before the start of the 2005 season...let's see how the Williams-BMW team fares with new drivers, a new car and new rules.

And to think that i forgotten totally about it and fallen asleep !!!!!! :furious: :furious: :furious: :furious:
RB kena simply coz Ferrari wanted michael in the pits ASAP to change back to slicks. Coz he's the number one man, no matter that he's in 12th position.

RB in position 1 had to sit out on his intermediates for another lap, totally losing out all the advantage he painstakingly built up with his superb wet driving to those wearing slicks, and that cost him the race.

But ferrari cannot care less, can they? their michael is already the champion, and they, already the constructors champ. who cares about Rubens? michael can afford to spin out whenever he wants.

remember it was said of MS that he'd only make 1 mistake per season? After the Monaco bow-out, he's already used up that chance... but the spinning continues.

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