2004 F1 Event (Round 10)


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It's FI again this weekend and it's back in Continental Europe..
Enjoy watching the race guys :thumbsup:
What a fantastic finish by Rubens...absolutely brilliant :thumbsup: ...

Colette Wong slipped her tongue again...
Ok, confirm she gotta go :shoot:
At the previous race she even morphed the 2 commentators together and called one of them Chris Slator?? after the commercial break she came back on and said it was very late in singapore already meaning she cannot think properly.

actually it was rumoured, one yr ago in magny cours where williams dominated the race, that montoya first fell out with frank williams. if you watched race day, when they were recapping last yr's race, they said that ralf was concerned about his lap times and traffic, and opted to come in a lap early. with this good strategy, he went on to win the race. but what was not said was that montoya also radioed in to the pits to tell them he wanted to come in a lap early too, hopefully to leapfrog ralf, but when ralf twarted his plans, he accused the crew of tipping off ralf of montoya's plan and that led to montoya eventually signing with maclarens.
Ok I've *finally* managed to watch the race and I have to agree ...she's gotta go! Honeymoon period is over, girl! Needs to improve brain-tongue coordination.

Latest news - Ralf has signed on a 3 year contract with Toyota, starting from the 2005 season. Now starts the musical chairs scramble for drivers. SOMETHING interesting at least.

But really, F1 is getting a bit boring with MS winning all the time. The most exciting race this season (Monaco) was the only one where Schumi didn't win. So I really hope he doesn't win the next one. But with rain forecasted for the British GP and Schumi well known as the Rain Meister...looks like we are in for another sea of red on the podium. :roll:
hahah yeah everytime chris or steve come onscreen, you can see that they are trying to stifle their laughs after colette finishes her questions.

anyways i beg to differ about his season's race. Yes, MS wins all the time, just like past boring seasons, but in between, there're so much drama and action, save for the latest french grand prix where its the most boring. The only exciting bit only came after MS finished the race, when Jarno was caught napping by rubens. heheheheh but overall, bar the podium results, it's been a pretty exciting season.
just to add, and this year we see the surprising rise of BAR, which used to score even worse than Jaguar. And Renault, which had a slowly and steady rise back to their championship days.

We also see sauber drop from their 4th best to the lower half of the grid. And also williams, which is the least competitive since BMW joined F1 in the modern era. maclaren's steady drop, like renault's steady rise, ever since Mika's final season is interesting,

Drivers like Button, written off by williams and renault can actually be a fighting champ, and Sato, who used to frequently crash into his Jordan teammate, fighting for podium finishes.

Isnt this a great season?

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