1. M

    WTS: BMW 523i E60 dekit 520i 525i

    should be compatible with most e60 check w ur mechanic M sport 19" rims with michelin PSS tyres, some curb rash-$750 (no swap required) (option to respray at $300) it will look like new. Brembo 6/4 pot full big brake kit (required swap) -$2500 4mths old bilstein B6 suspension (require swap...
  2. D

    WTS Dekit E60 good stuff

    1. Carbon Fibre bonnet (SOLD) 2. Msport body kit (Front bumper, bumper lip, Rear bumper, rear bumper lip and side skirt) - (SOLD) 3. Good condition interior (Offer) 4. D1 Spec Front 6 Pot, rotor worn out ($600) 5. Breyton 19", 275/30/19 (rear 80-90% meat) & 245/35/19 (front 80-90% meat) ...
  3. K

    E60 525i Engine Vibration

    Hi, need some advises and recommendation. Just got an E60 525i for 3 mths, mileage about 120000km when i got it. Had drove about 7k myself. Ride was cool and nice. Initially the idling speed was at about 600rpm(visual from speedometer). Observation: - about 3 weeks ago, idling speed will...
  4. R

    Intending to buy a BMW 525i E60

    Hi all, I currently drive a Honda Stream and have been considering getting a BMW525i once my COE ends in August this year. I've never owned a continental car before, so the 525i might be the first one. Could I know what are the common issues regarding this car that I should be aware of? Of...
  5. A

    WTS: Original M5 19" rims for e60

    ITEM ALREADY SOLD. THANKS! 19" original M5 rims, comes with tyres but not much thread left (20 to 40%) Need to swop with your rims and tyres. With curb rash but can be restored by requesting tyre shop to refine with sandpaper when swopping. It will be good as new. Comes with tyres, not much...
  6. kyeong


    COILOVER SOLD TO NICE BRUDDER!!! STEERING WHEEL SOLD TO NICE BRUDDER!!! LEFT with WHEELS + TIRE http://www.bmw-sg.com/forums/threads/wts-bmw-original-style-95-19-inch-wheels.75878/ Coilover with very low mileage. less than 15k km ... HURRY.. I got only 1 week left to handover.. else will...
  7. kyeong

    Dekitting E60 only item REDUCED. $590

    http://www.bmw-sg.com/forums/threads/wts-coilover-bc-v1-e60-690-fast-deal.75808/ BC V1 Coilover. Low mileage... less than 15k km... Hurry cos handing over car in 2 weeks ...
  8. kyeong

    FS: Coilover BC V1 E60

    Coilover with very low mileage. less than 15k km Got it from Fong Kim this is the product link for ref: http://www.bc-racing.co.uk/v1-series-coilovers Great for E60 people who wants that adjustable coilover yet at a very affordable price... Never used on track. Jus daily driving. BC V1 is...