Storing of places as Favorites on the Navigation System

Re: Storing of places as Favorites on the Navigation System

Please remember not to store your favorite run lion locations.
I have a 2024 X3 M40I (less than a week old). I struggled to store favourites on my satnav by names that I know because the car will only allow me to save by the postcode. I went into MY BMW on my phone. Selected Navigation, My Destinations, Favourites. I could then add all the new places I wanted by entering the postcode and save them. The name of each favourite is the full postcode and address. At the top of the screen is EDIT. Select EDIT and then the favourite and select RENAME. Change the name of each favourite to something more meaningful and easy to follow. We can save 30 favourites. The car can synchronise from the phone app.

Our Navigation System doesn't have a "Favorites" feature for storing multiple destinations. Instead, we have to use the "Recent Destination" option to find previous locations. Unlike standalone GPS units, we can't save places under "Favorites." Is there a way to store various places without repeatedly entering the street names or points of interest? Using the i-Drive dial to enter long street names is quite cumbersome.


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