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    WTS bmw 19 inch FIRESALE

    -4 pieces used BMW 19 inch rims and tyres for M3 F80 / M4 F82 (should be replica) -Asking $1200 cash and carry. Item off car -FIRESALE take it & go -255/35 and 275/35 -Rims used for 3 years with some minor scratches -Tyres used probably left 20% -Ideal for someone using it for trade in / selling...
  2. A

    WTS - BMW X5 20 Inch Staggered Rims & Tyres (Used)

    20 Inch Staggered Replica Rims & Tyres - Used Require swap with stock rims $1,800 - Labour on you Available until 1st March 2018
  3. T

    Original 18" BMW M-Sport 400M rims and tyres for sale

    Original 18" BMW M-Sport M400 rims and tyres for sale Sell by Car Owner, 100% Original BMW rims from F30 328i m-sport year 2015 Rim Made in Austria Rim condition: 9/10, excellent for used condition, guarantee no bend no crack (confirmed by tyre workshop after dismantled from car 2 months ago)...
  4. D

    WTS Pirelli P7 Run-Flat 225/50/R17 94W x 4pcs

    hi all, selling the above. Tires changed in July this year from PML. Looking at $450 Cheers.
  5. R

    WTS: Breyton 19" Race GTS Rim + Tyres

    Hi folks, I have the following set of wheels + tyres set for sale. They came off my F30 and can easily fit both E9x and F3x. Condition 9/10 overall, no chips, has some curb rash on right wheels (front and rear) that can be refurbished @ $50 per pc if you want. Wheels - Breyton Race GTS 19"...
  6. PEE

    WTS 19" RAYS Rims

    WTS 19" RAYS Rims, come with ContiSportContact 5P tyres Front 2 x 8.5J, 235/35 ZR19 Back 2 x 9.5J, Tyre 265/30 ZR19 Asking 1800 negotiable cash and carry Contact : Nick 8700 eight8eight2
  7. PEE

    WTS 19" RAYS(VOLKS) Rims with ContiSportContact 5P tiyres

    WTS 19" RAYS Rim, come with ContiSportContact 5P tiyres Front 2 x 8.5J, 235/35 ZR19 Back 2 x 9.5J, Tyre 265/30 ZR19 Rims 10 yr old, Tyre 2 yr old Asking 2200, view to offer cash and carry Contact : Nick 8700 eight8eight2
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