1. K

    WTS: E93 325 Eibach Springs

    Offloading my E93 325 Eibach sports springs. Letting go at $180, items packed nicely in a box. Interested please whatsapp me at +65 8665 5996 to meetup and collect. Will be delivered in a box as per picture with 2 FOC coil spring pads.
  2. J

    E93 335i parts for sale - Scrap

    `Typing this with a heavy heart. E93 335i till mid July 2018. Will be sent to the scrapyard within the next 1 month if there are no buyers for the car. Parts to be sold (attached photos): - Forge Motorsports Diverter Valve - (SGD150 without swap) - Catless Downpipe - SOLD - All black front...
  3. H

    WTS Coilover BC V1 for F10

    *SOLD - Thanks for all the interest Just dekit my 520i and selling away an excellent condition of BC V1 Coilover. Bought from Fong Kim a year ago at $1.5K and mileage about 10K. Letting go at $500 and no need to swap as coilover already out from my car. Interested pls contact 81023433. Thank you.
  4. J

    Slowly staring to De-Kit E93 335i N54

    Hi guys, I'm slowly selling off and dekitting my car due to scrap soon in the next 6 months. Model E93 335i N54 Engine Please do feel free to let me know the price you would like to deal at. 1) Koni FSD with H&R Lowering Springs - SGD1300 (With Swap to Stock) Really great for daily use as it...
  5. J

    Koni FSD with H&R Springs - E93 335i Suspensions for Sale

    Selling due to car gonna be scrap soon in the next half year. Selling price at SGD1100 (negotiable) with swap original working suspensions (labour on buyer) Full set Koni FSD with H&R Springs used for less than 30,000km. Working well and currently fitted in vehicle. Feel free to contact for a...
  6. K

    WTS Eibach Federn legendary performance springs (Rear)

    wts the above, this lowered spring improves performance (cornering), handling and appearance. Lowers center of gravity and vehicle by up to 40mm (suitable for e90 series) 112001301HA items already taken out and in box. as per pictures of the springs, what you see is what you get. Cash and...
  7. X

    WTS F01 stock springs

    Need to clear from storeroom. From my prev 730Li, in mint condition, as good as new. C&C $100 Msg me at 96379721 to deal.
  8. kyeong

    Dekitting E60 only item REDUCED. $590

    http://www.bmw-sg.com/forums/threads/wts-coilover-bc-v1-e60-690-fast-deal.75808/ BC V1 Coilover. Low mileage... less than 15k km... Hurry cos handing over car in 2 weeks ...
  9. kyeong

    FS: Coilover BC V1 E60

    Coilover with very low mileage. less than 15k km Got it from Fong Kim this is the product link for ref: http://www.bc-racing.co.uk/v1-series-coilovers Great for E60 people who wants that adjustable coilover yet at a very affordable price... Never used on track. Jus daily driving. BC V1 is...