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sports body kit

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    WTS 19" Rims with new Nexen n8000 tires

    Front 2 x 245 / 35 ZR19 Rear 2 x 275 / 30 ZR19 Tires brand new. Rims no rash. Asking $800 + swap with any set of rims with tires suitable for 325i convertible (car due for scrap). Labour for swap is $20 (my workshop), payable by buyer. Contact Steve @ 9173 8327
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    F30 Pearly White Sports-line Original body kit (2014) for sale ( no trade in required)

    Selling used F30 White Sportsline Stock 2014 body kit for sale in very good condition at $ 450 No trade in required Suitable for F30 change to original stock sports body kit for upgrade/dekit To deal at JSM motorsports at Ubi where original body kit is , cost of installation to be beared by...