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    **Dekit Alert** - M3 E93

    Hi All, De-kitting my E93 M3 with items below: 1) Akrapovic full titanium slip-on exhaust including tips with certificate - SGD3,000 2) Full Carbon Interior from Robson including front panel, side door, rear seats. Condition 9/10 - SGD950 3) Half carbon and re-wrapped steering from Robson -...
  2. B

    Robson Carbon Fibre Steering (E92/90)

    - Dekitting 100% Authentic Robson Carbon Fibre Steering $350 - Swop required. - PM 97326250 for more info.
  3. J

    Slowly staring to De-Kit E93 335i N54

    Hi guys, I'm slowly selling off and dekitting my car due to scrap soon in the next 6 months. Model E93 335i N54 Engine Please do feel free to let me know the price you would like to deal at. 1) Koni FSD with H&R Lowering Springs - SGD1300 (With Swap to Stock) Really great for daily use as it...
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